What We Do

Optimize your Sales Process with A.I. and M.L 

Creating a platform that learns about your business and constantly improves your sales process with  technology beyond what a human ​can do. Our technology never takes a day off, never calls in sick, and is driven on continuous improvement.

High Quality Sales Process Optimization

Our platform allows users to custom select the attributes they would like to search and are delivered in a user-friendly fashion.

CRM Integration

Our system integrates with popular CRM systems like SalesForce and are working on acquiring more. Input your leads straight into your CRM and let the AI get to work. 

Automated Data Optimization

Our AI has shown as much as a 25% increase in lead closure rate after the initial training period.

Decentralized Community

Built for the future of business, Prospectr will be governed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This structure will allow our users to be a part of a decentralized community with opportunities for exclusive access and offers.

Make Your Sales Process As Smart As You Are

Save Time. Optimize Your Business.

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Why Prospectr?

Sales Process Optimization via A.I. and M.L.

We deliver CRM systems optimized to your organization, as well as dramatically enhancing your existing CRM.

For example, one feature we offer is related to lead filtering based on factors we discover. Many businesses today struggle to maintain a healthy flow of qualified leads flowing into their business. It takes a lot of effort to collect and aggregate leads into a sales pipeline.


We provide a 'push' model for qualified leads that directly enter the sales process for you. Compare that with the 'pull' model you use today, where you are taking steps to pull those leads into your sales pipeline.

Optimize Your Process Through Automation

Many rely on personal networking events, cold calling, and web keyword matching. COVID has made in-person events somewhat difficult to do. and the quality of the leads is not always of the highest caliber. Some have started large Zoom meetings to try to replicate the experience of a large crowd. These work, but not as efficiently as most would like.


We are providing you with a new alternative. You can subscribe to one of our plans and we will customize the attributes that are appropriate to your market. We can even add predictive analytics on data such as the probability to buy.

Be Part Of A  Community

Prospectr is determined to become an early adopter of Decentralized Organizational Blockchain technology and organize our company as a DAO. This path with lead to a more honest relationship between customers and providers, and undoubtedly will lead to unforseen benefits for both parties. Click below to learn more. 

Be A Part of the Future

We're a community - a community of the best business people from around the US. Once you have been a consistent user of Prospectr, you will be invited to our DAO, giving you exclusive access to events, merchandise, and more. Click below to learn more.

Check out our Founder and CEO, Damon Carr, as he shares his personal rise to success and the story of the conception of Prospectr with the Action and Ambition Podcast, featured on Entrepreneur Magazine.

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